Welp. Here goes another political opinion on our current times.

Currently the articles that I’m seeing today are:


An archaeologist, who studies patterns in history- predicting with Brexit, Trump and Putin we are finding ourselves to be repeating dark times, as history has always repeated every 50-100 years.




Then we’ve got anger happening for those who feel their hate has been given a voice- 




Then there are those who are asking others who voted for Trump to empathize with those who are hurting- 




Next are blogs on why this is Christianity's fault and why we need to fix it- http://johnpavlovitz.com/2016/11/10/white-christians-who-voted-for-donald-trump-fix-this-now/


And on top of that people hurting and protesting against Trump supporters and sadly acting out in violence toward them- 



Here’s where I’m at: 

I started off being incredibly angry and carrying a very judgmental tone. But I’m working through it- because we can’t believe everyone who voted for Trump supports hateful and racist ideals. Everyone who I know that voted for Trump is an amazing being.

However, it makes complete sense that people are beside themselves in grief and should most certainly stand up and voice that the way Trump led his campaign was morally and ethically wrong. And it most certainly is not the way we want America to be.

But here's the trick: For those who oppose the words and hate the way Trump led in his campaign, it’s important to stand up tactfully. Choose how you can make a difference in a way that isn’t violent, angry or patronizing. You can very well take on the same tone and anger we spent this whole year hating, but do you truly think that is going to make a difference? From what I'm seeing, it simply creates a reason for "the other side" to hate. 


To create change, you have to go above hate and violence. 


Second, I do think everyone should empathize with those who are hurting. Simply because empathy is a quality we all need to be exercising. The more humanity chooses to empathize and truly pause to feel what it would feel to be in another’s shoes, the more we can wipe out, “sides” and division.

We are all going to need some mad hippie love to get through this and remain loving to our neighbors, family and friends.

With that, I do believe this is an opportunity for the church to speak up and show it’s true colors. Show why and how our faith allows us to love deeper and create unity. Right now, it feel like so many are remaining passive and quiet- but now is the time to express that even if you voted for Trump, you most certainly are not going to stand for the hate he spread during his campaign. Rather you are going to fight for each and everyone person, fight for love, and for the message that we all matter. Because that’s what Jesus would have done if he were here. He’d not be shouting about which political person was president.

He’d be loving and showing us another way. 

And lastly, we should not be living in fear, but remain optimistic. Trump is now president, but we have check and balances. And who knows, I find it very possible that he ends up leading his presidency to a very different tune than his campaign. I did vote for Hilary, I did attend a Bernie campaign during the primaries. I was all about it. But I’m going to give the man, I spent a year hating, a chance.

That does not mean I am  going to be ignorant to what’s happening in the world. And the fact that if he decides to be the man he was in his campaign, that will not only have huge implications for our community in America, but for our world. And I can't ignore the fact that we have no idea how he will run his presidency based the fact that he's had zero government experience. But let’s keep hoping for a miracle in the mean time and we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. And maybe start prepping in the mean time.

I think at the moment what's important is that we remain loving to each person around us, and we listen to each other’s viewpoints carefully, cautiously and patiently. 

With lots of love for everyone,